Anime Review: Interviews With Monster Girls (Demi-chan wa Kataritai)

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  • fddnm reply Hmm okay, I guess that would be an explanation for it, however I don't recall the show mentioning the mutation part of that, so of they didn't include that it's kind of an important part to include I'd say. Though even if that is the case, a vampire and snow woman wasn't a 1 in 3 in the world deal, so I'm not sure why there isn't any information available on those monsters girl's. Also even if the demi were more rare than normal humans, they would have thousands of years to research them and such, so I'm still leaning on the plot hole side of things haha
  • theoldsparrow reply The rarity hinges on the fact that Demi's phenotypes are based on a very rare genetic mutation rather than a hereditary trait. I can understand taking issue with the massive unlikeliness (Like finding out you won the powerball just as you're struck by lightning) of them getting together though but you wouldn't have much of a story without that. The manga is even more of an info dump of expository information so you would have to be interested in how the world building works to get into it. I liked it but I can understand why some others wouldn't.
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