Ryzen 5 PC build Video, The new build came out very nice 1500x

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  • [ – ] DGTLONE reply Great video bro looks nice and clean good job . AMD is trying the comeback dance . Hopefully they put some pressure on intel to drop there prices a little. Because once they don't have the monopoly on the market they will have to follow suit. well we can hope. : ) anyways awesome video Peace DGTLONE
  • [ – ] Mantenner reply Interesting to see AMD back in the game again. I'm currently running an FX9590, and while it runs hot and i've got it at 5ghz overclocked i'm not really happy with it's gaming performance. Gonna be difficult to choose between Ryzen and intel's offerings, both require me to get a new motherboard anyways....
    • [ – ] EliteGamingHQ parent reply This is true they both need new Mobos but i think Ryzen is looking really promising with R5 being cheap as well as 6core/12threads. Im testing this 1500x currently so I should have some benchmarks up soon.
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