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  • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector reply how much did it cost to get that?
    • theunhivedmind parent reply To make a device the core electronics will cost around $20 then there's your case and leads etc. The cheapest you can buy one built for you is $69 from Slovenia. SOTA Instruments have cornered the market and sell these cheap devices for ripoff prices.
  • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector reply your supposed to drink colloidal silver with it
    • [ – ] theunhivedmind parent reply No you don't have to ingest Colloidal/Ionic Silver if you don't want to and instead you can just use the blood electrification. Bob Beck designed a complete protocol which utilized four methods including blood electrification, Ozone therapy, Silver and Magnetic pulsing. You can either do one of these or all four at different times of the day but the choice is yours. The more you combine the better the results.
      • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector parent reply have you tried to ingest baking soda? it kills fungus, I take some from time to time, colloidal silver is supposed to work in tandem with your device that is how Brain William Godlight Marshal, and this does work baking soda and water
        • theunhivedmind parent reply Ingesting Sodium Bicarbonate is only for short-term emergencies until the problems can be corrected with the right remedies. Too much use of SB will upset the acidity of the stomach leading to digestive complaints. Ingestion of SB will not work on cancer in the same way as Dr Simoncini's intravenous SB treatments., Also SB put directly into the bloodstream by IV needs extreme care otherwise the blood can become too alkaline and cause serious harm since the blood akaline/acidity is highly regulated to prevent death from too much of one or the other. If you want to kill fungus then look at using the same fungus in a homoeopathic form as a nosode and attack the original fungal problem through its own resonant energy. You can also look a homoeopathic like Thuja or herbal medicines such a Garlic or Olive leaf extract etc.
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