Erdogan's YES Wins Turkish Constitutional Referendum: Don't Believe The MSM Spin!

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  • nethrelm reply Yeah, I tend to agree with you. I looked into the amendments as well after hearing all kinds of hyperbole from both mainstream and alternative news. Frankly, I don't see a problem with these changes. They are moving to a system that more closely mirrors something of a hybrid between the U.S. and some western European nations. The president gets more power, but parliament is expanded and granted additional powers as well. The judiciary is scaled back a bit, but also granted new power. It seems to just generally strengthen the central government while adding some new checks and balances and reducing the power of the military, which is almost certainly a reaction to the attempted coup. I'm curious to see if Erdogan will use the president's new power to create States, and if so, will he demarcate a Kurdish State? Anyway, my takeaway from this was similar to yours. Don't trust the media; everyone has an agenda. Doesn't mean I trust Erodgan either though. He has definitely done some things ...moreduring his tenure that are questionable at best, but I don't see how these changes grant him dictatorial powers in any way. It's possible I'm missing something with how they interact with the rest of the Turkish constitution, but on their face they seem reasonable to me.
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