Daily Monster X-054

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  • [ – ] spicytots reply he looks like's he's chasing after something like a balloon he accidentally let go of! ooor... chasing after obama begging him not to leave :'(
  • [ – ] WalkerTrips reply Can't say I agree with you politically, but I like your drawing :) Inventive ink work. He looks like he's wearing a hollowed out watermelon as pantaloons XD A reet mirthful little bugger.
    • StefanBucher parent reply Thank you for leaving a kind message anyway, WalkerTrips. I appreciate it. And I like the watermelon pantaloon idea. :^)
  • goonxxi reply Looks none too bright, overweight, enthusiastic, and in a hurry. I'm going to say there's a free all you can eat buffet close at hand.
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