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  • [ – ] GoMGTOW reply Hi David... Ya know when I record, my work is done on the fly, the most I do is a bit of audio editing to cut out the farts and the belches. :D But seriously, no body can complain about the quality of my content... It's not like I'm getting paid for this ya know! If you watch one of my video's you will understand what I am about real quick, and if anyone doesn't like it they are free to move on at any time, and I won't hold it against them either because I understand that truth and honesty is an all natural Blue Pill repellent. Looking at your channel, I think you should stick with tech because obviously your very passionate about that. In the interim you can pepper some vlogs as well. The key is to do what you love, not what others want you to. Sorry to hear you had such a rough time in the hospital bro, that sounded like some heavy stuff. Tell ya what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna add you to my channel listings, and mention your channel on one of my upcoming video's, and see if we can't...more help you get some extra followers so we can get you verified and back up on your horse! After all, that's what my channel is all about. :)
    • [ – ] dbtechreviews parent reply I really appreciate that! I was verified on day 2 of being on here. I was super surprised by that! Ill check out your channel!
      • GoMGTOW parent reply Yeah, I just saw that... Still, I added you to my recommended channel listing to help give you some extra exposure. :)
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