Paintball's sad history Part 1 - The beginning

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  • November_Fox reply My first time playing paintball I was thrown on a team where I didn't know anyone. For the most part no one playing that day knew each other. I had to rent my gear along with almost everyone else playing in that particular game. Except for two guys that were friends who brought with them automatic paintball guns. The rest of us were easily mowed down with our single shot guns. Everyone begged the two friends to separate and have one of them on both teams. Unfortunately they refused. My first game wasn't that fun because of their unfair advantage.
  • [ – ] MrJoelDee reply Looking forward to part 2 of this. I never played paint ball but I always love learning a little more about some things nonetheless.
    • [ – ] Y2JayDoesAsia parent reply When I make any vid that goes too long I sometimes split it into 2 or 3 vids :) Youtube audience retention has taught me a lot about people's attention spans, lol
      • [ – ] MrJoelDee parent reply Yes, I remember you talking about that in one of your past videos. It's something I've never forgotten. Some great advice. There are several tips you have provided that stick in my head. One of them being staying on point. Sometimes that can be hard to do, but now it's kinda gotten to the point of whenever I go to do a video, that line from that old tv show wants to pop into my head, "just the facts ma'am, just the facts". Lol
        • Y2JayDoesAsia parent reply LOL that's why in these 2 videos I mainly stick to the technology and rate of fire issue with paintball guns. It's the biggest problem, But in fact I could do a 10 part series of all the woes that is paintball. But I don't play it anymore and I doubt people would watch 10 episodes, haha
  • [ – ] lambdog76 reply more :)
  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Yeah, I can see why you left the sport. If it's no fun anymore, then why bother?
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