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  • [ – ] Adler33 reply I'm Autistic and fucking proud of it. HAIL VICTORY
  • [ – ] CrucifixA_ZorA_MagnificaT reply I am so glad you did a video on autism. My son was diagnosed with Aspergers, I wasn't diagnosed but I have always known to have it. I function well as a human but not in society, fitting in has always been a problem, in fact I never wanted to fit in. Schools have caused more heartache & misery than most could imagine, I would rather go through labour pains than the emotional & mental pain experienced from these institutions. Thank you Varg, I love you & regard you even more highly now finding out your beautiful wife is a highly functioning autistic.
    • [ – ] Nymph3aLut3a parent reply Same story here, apart from the fact that it´s difficult getting a diagnose for a adult woman here. I´ve learned to "cope so well" with this sick society that I got sick in another way. My son will have the advance, that I know he doesn´t have to fit in - because he´s not expected to play all these shitty games. All the best for you & your son.
  • [ – ] -Nikki-9- reply Very interesting. Although my knowledge on this subject is limited, I will be looking into it. I seem to experience all of the symptoms you mention here. I used to feel awkward when I was younger for being hypersensitive and not liking crowds, and parties etc. I'm very much a hermit, and I'm happy this way. Too much stimulus and people and I get really edgy and just want to get the hell out of there. Maybe I am a HFA...
  • nietzsche7 reply For a long time I have thought that I have some kind of ADHD or autism, derived οn father's side (based on my observations). I still don't have a proper diagnose though. Because I'm Nietzsche, I'll end this comment with: “Madness is something rare in individuals — but in groups, parties, peoples, and ages, it is the rule.”
  • [ – ] Arrav reply Stop taking showers.
    • [ – ] Gottfried parent reply is this a real thing? I only shower twice a week anyway.
      • [ – ] OpulentMiracle parent reply If you're compulsive about washing the natural grease off your body, you disrupt the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acid_mantle.
        • Wyrdin418 parent reply I used to shower everyday with no shampoo or soap, a slight abrasion to get accumulated city particulants off, but had no odour ...my girlfriend at the time couldn't work it out. I pointed out to her that ancient wild man didn't use soap, and if stinky, would have been easily picked off by predators... so why should this human!? I used to wear no shoes in those days, had thick hard massive shoe-like callouses on the underside of my feet (after 10 months of walking) ...could easily walk on sharp rocks, etc. A lot of human stench comes from bad diet, bad thinking, and people inundating themselves with chemicals that are supposed to clean them ...but diminish them instead.
        • Restless-Researcher parent reply I guess the first post by Arrav was referencing the April Fool's joke by Varg. Interesting indeed about the acid mantle you cited. Moderation also seems the key too, as you mentioned. Too much use of the strigil caused scaring even, what Emperor Augustus had according to Suetonius.
        • Gottfried parent reply Thanks, that's interesting
    • OpulentMiracle parent reply And stop using Triclosan soap, use the oil & strigil trick sometimes to clean yourself, and use your greywater for irrigation.
    • MasterCyconide parent reply That might not be a good idea.
    • HeirOfSauron parent reply Stop taking hot showers at least, hot showers are very bad for male fertility.
    • Arminius parent reply I take two showers a week, cold water, for a max of two minutes.
  • [ – ] TheWolfAmongSheep reply STOP USING ARTIFICIAL LIGHTING.
  • moguxol reply nice Nietzsche quote, he is one of my favourite philosophers and he is an inspiration in life for me. In the society we live in NOW, make Autism look like it is some kind of mental retardation problem. And i think society will keep considering Autism as retardation, which has totally nothing to do with retardation. Thanks for making this video!
  • Gottfried reply It's very painful then to live as an autist if you can't find your tribe. And none of us can in modern society. But that's reason to find a way out of modern society and into the forest.
  • OpulentMiracle reply Interesting theory. Maybe a video on this? It's somewhat related. http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/media/releases/newborns_exposed_to_dirt_dander_and_germs_may_have_lower_allergy_and_asthma_risk
  • [ – ] VELES reply Hm, I don't know much on the issue, but I have come across the stereotype of HFA myself. Unfortunately, I had a roommate like that, and I only figured it out once I was about to leave (in two months time) since I didn't really know much about autism, and I read up on it. So basically, the guy was obnoxious. He would be irritated by all little noises and lights, and also he wouldn't stop talking. What was even more annoying was that he was an indoctrinated socialist and globalist and you could not have a normal conversation with him. He wouldn't accept any logical counterargument, he would just change topics to spurt out yet another memorised argument or use ad hominem, leading me to assume that he wasn't very good at logic. And yes, it seemed to me that all of his arguments were memorised as he kept repeating them like proverbs, no individual input of his own. Whenever I pointed it out, he would also change topics. He also claimed that he would often read and memorise scientific articl...morees (probably without thinking about them, or how they might be bullshit), which finally made me realise he might have some sort of autism. And that is what I believed to be HFA - being able to remember a lot without being able to think on your own, without being obviously retarded.
  • Sectual reply You're my hero, Varg. Fascinating video. So true, I love you so much for explaining this. Thank you for sharing common sense truths and knowledge like this.
  • [ – ] EddieLeben reply Hi Varg, what are your thoughts on vaccinations..?
  • [ – ] staticmesh reply First!
    • staticmesh parent reply Also, I was diagnosed with high-functioning autism (although online tests say I'm "normal") when I was 12. What you describe in this video fits me to a T. I have no problems interacting with people close to me (my mental tribe, so to speak), but strangers I have nothing in common with? I don't want anything to do with them, and being around them makes me feel uncomfortable. I just hate how people view it as some terrible disability, and are quick to patronize anyone with it. I view it as more of a personality trait than anything.
  • JimGiant reply It's an interesting idea about autistic people being better adapted for a more primatve lifestyle and you create a strong case. Definitely something to think about but this only really applies to HFA/Aspergers. What about the severely autistic? I'd need some strong evidence to believe neanderthal DNA is responsible for autism too. Good food for thought though. ADHD is another "disorder" which wouldn't have been a problem in a more primitive environment.
  • Horsemumbler reply Do vaccines have anything to do with autism? Hell if I know. What I do know is that my brothers and I have never been vaccinated, I'm autisctic, and they aren't.
  • 10000bees reply I occasionally do IT work in school for my job. A lot of that is in special needs classrooms where autistic kids are kept. It's very sad to me. I see a lot of kids who would probably grow up to be normal, but they're being kept in classrooms with a bunch of kids who are screaming and barely functioning. These kids don't get taught very much, it looks like they're just playing with toys and doing easy stuff all day. Its sad. Today I would probably have a diagnosis similar to that and I wouldn't get as big a chance as I did when I grew up. I'm at least aspie or on the spectrum somewhere. Instead I had parents who taught me well and lots of opportunities to make mistakes when it came to socialization etc.
  • MagentaPixie9 reply Really great video thanks
  • Tomfxh reply Very inspiring Varg.
  • chartv reply im getting tested for autism and i really understand this video/like it. i agree with a lot of this.
  • ArcadeAlchemist reply autists are Unprogrammable rebels that can't be brainwashed by the mainstream media. HAIL GOD EMPEROR TRUMP!
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