Was Vladimir Putin telling the truth to Megyn Kelly about IP spoofing

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  • [ – ] I3UTM reply The interesting thing to note is that would US security researchers know what or which IP Address / MAC address could be spoofed / faked from the NSA or genuine hacker?
    • crua9 parent reply I think what you're asking is if there is a limit on which IP/Mac address can be spoofed. The answer to that is no. But the thing to keep in mind, the NSA has been caught intercepting Cisco equipment while it's being shipped to the customer. Hiding from the USA intelligence agencies is about useless if you want to have any quality of life. However, hackers it is possible to hide from very easily. Keep in mind, security isn't meant to keep the bad people out. It's only meant to make things so resource consuming that it's not worth doing the action in the first place. States have a lot of resources, while the average hacker simply doesn't.
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