Uncovering the Darkness Episode #2

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  • cfandyd reply Please do NOT let me stop you...if your on to something...keep going even if A dummy like me says "ow well"...kind sir
  • [ – ] cfandyd reply Check your details, but you could be on to something...:)
  • [ – ] fancyfig reply the trouble with money in politics is that half of it is in lobbying, and lobbyists aren't just guys that slip bribes under a politician's door, they are the bribe. they're all former congressmen, senators, and their staff, they don't need to do anything at all except hand off pre-written corporate friendly bills and get paid around 4 or 5 times what they got paid as a public employee. it's a promise that obedience will be rewarded even if your obedience gets you thrown out of office.
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