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  • GeorgeMcGee reply “Shoot at us, we advance our agenda.” Genius. “Consequences not ethics are the only way to turn this around.” Listen to this man President Trump! Can we use this event to outlaw antifa, or as I call them, pantyfa? Declare them to be Marxist terrorists. Specifically Marxist, not “homegrown” or “domestic” which could apply to anyone, but make the legislation language specifically apply only to Marxists. We need to target and ostracize these Marxist terrorist people. You can’t punish ideology, but you can punish people. This needs to become a war on Marxist people. There can be no place for commies in America. No safe space for socialism. No tolerance for the ignorant, deranged mental disease of the Left. For years we have fought an unjust war on peaceful, tolerant, Christian, (often veteran) people who’s only crime is smoking weed. We kidnap them, destroy their jobs, take their cars and homes, take their children to be abused in foster homes, destroy their marriages a...morend put them in cages to be raped and beaten. Can we stop this and visit this hell upon the real enemies of our nation, the Marxist socialist commie scum?
  • Leadhead reply The GOP needs to get their shit together and come together around the White House and POTUS, and push hard on their agenda and get shit done. That will be the best way to silence the leftist radicals. I agree fully Stephan.
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