VIDME EXPOSED FOR BOTTING! - Tea with Tazer (#VidMeExposed)

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  • [ – ] duffy reply hey guys. vidme mod here. this question has come up a few times before, including during our recent reddit ama: these views could be the result of bots scraping the internet/twitter. recent reports estimate almost 50m bots on twitter alone. it appears a few of these bots are slipping past our view validator when vidme links are posted to twitter. i actually just tested this myself by posting one of my own videos to my personal twitter account and, sure enough, it gained a few views right away. thanks for bringing this issue back to our attention. we’ll investigate it further and work to resolve it. as always, feel free to ask us questions here or email us directly at
    • sarah parent reply
    • [ – ] Brotacular parent reply Thank you for looking into this. We have tested this on other platforms such as skype so we are curious if it is just social media? Is it possible for these bots or crawlers to get by on platforms such as skype.
      • [ – ] jhk parent reply Bots can't crawl your private messages. Twitter is a public platform. Try testing it with a private twitter account.
        • [ – ] Brotacular parent reply We tried on facebook and twitter Messages and there were no instant views, however, posting to skype and Discord wether its private message or in general chat we got a instant 1 viewer. How can that be?
          • mcstacky parent reply Bots also crawl our own website just through normal indexing. If the video is a public link, i.e. something else links to it, then it can be indexed and a bot will usually hit that link. These aren't bots we create, but bots anyone can deploy on the web. Heck, I've created a bot to scrape data from Yelp. Please don't tell them that
          • [ – ] jhk parent reply It's just a CIA agent. :) But seriously, it might be how discord or Skype handles "fetching preview" - where they try to crawl the link and provide the thumbnail and stuff. We have most famous (legit aka. Google) bots whitelisted. But we could still be missing some newer ones.
            • [ – ] Brotacular parent reply So if this is just a bug from crawlers and stuff what are you guys planning to do to fix this problem. We do not want to slander your site or anything but we just want answers. A plan on what to do and an explanation video, we read the article on reddit but we want a video if possible. Or maybe someone from your team can join us.
              • mcstacky parent reply Nice bots usually have a bot.txt (I think that's the name) added to them to identify themselves as bots and allow us to deal with them appropriately
              • jhk parent reply I think it's our problem to fix. But if they are purposely hiding the fact they are bots, it's a bit difficult for us. Just for context we are a small team so we are usually bugged down working on high impact features. But we'll take a look at this issue and see if we can update our 'bot handshake' code.
              • duffy parent reply Hey man! Someone else actually asked about this issue today in our subreddit. We included some of the same info from this thread plus some new information that you might be interested in! Hopefully this is what you're looking for:
              • Brotacular parent reply in a video lol *forgot to add that part*
  • [ – ] TheDictator_ING reply I tested this on 2 different chans and I got instant 12 views afterwards. Seems they are botting the view counts. Shame.
  • [ – ] rumjar86 reply Things will sort itself out. As vidme is in age compared to yt is young.
  • [ – ] nexxtmediaguide reply THere are things called spiders on the internet that audomatically watch and catagorize videos for companies like goole, and other companies that catalogue any and all online content.
    • Brotacular parent reply Yeah I spoke to the creators and they agree with what you are saying, I only hope they can fix and learn from this :)
  • [ – ] Rawman reply this is very interesting, sometimes I noticed my channel will say viewers after straight uploading and i dont have audience on this site lol. it is odd but hopefully this gets resolved because like you said it might give some people a false sense of accomplishment and that is not good.
  • [ – ] ToastersForever reply Is it bad that I think this is kinda cool?
  • [ – ] nexxtmediaguide reply Also when you post on twitter or facebook people are not gonna comment especially if the video autoplays when they scroll through their timeline....,
  • [ – ] gridsleep reply For just a moment I thought Zatreal might be Jack T. Herbert but then realized the accent was not at all the same. A look at his channel confirmed it.
  • [ – ] Boobe2007 reply is this your video?
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