Gab, Hatreon, other Free Speech Sites Targeted by Web Giants

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  • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez reply Styx this channel is now boomin!!!! Comments section is awesome now.
  • [ – ] BlissMonk reply 'Hatreon' is a terrible brand name IMO. It gives an air of 'hate' and I think that will hurt its growth.
  • Brandon95 reply Free speech rules! ✊🏻
  • [ – ] Weishaupt reply Does anyone else think that YouTube could become less popular in the near future? The demonetizations, censorship and intrusive ads can't be good for them...
    • Platypus67 parent reply Let's hope this will be the case so the can feel the outcome of their unethical behavior/actions; mr. illuminati-founder. 😜🐍🤣
  • Thurisaz17 reply Vidme has so much potential. They would be wise to embrace it.
  • [ – ] DrHub reply I put Vidme on my whitelist unlike Jewtube.
  • e46f0222 reply Good idea -- hatreon should change the name. I know it's edgy and I personally like that kind of thing, but people like me are not the wider market. They might be able to snag alternative names. Hell, just point them all to the same server as hatreon, and have it auto-brand the site based on the domain name.
  • Dark_Iron_Chains reply Vidme and Gab will triumph, just give it like 2 years
  • [ – ] Leadtwitch reply Thanks for a link that is not Youtube. Great video to !
  • [ – ] Leadtwitch reply Do content creators make money off their videos on Vidme ?
  • Cyriu reply Alt-Tech is growing and the Tech-Giants are getting nervous, and it feels so good.
  • [ – ] Hagelbocken reply forgive me, for I might not be to good at English but is it not spelled "HATE"? last i checked Hatreon only have one E and it is after the R. So i read it as if they are referring to a street musicians hat, held out or placed on the ground/floor in front for you to drop a few coins in it. Or did I just miss that memo? ;)
  • [ – ] Bonanny reply Styx, you need to check out the cover of Time's latest issue. And if you have a strong stomach, peruse the article.
  • FubuckYoubu reply Isn't it pronounce hat(as in fedora)/reon?
  • FubuckYoubu reply Thank you for putting things in perspective. You've improved my mood immensely.
  • winter__leaf reply Join the Federation on GNU Social. Decentralized social networks solve some of the censorship problems. Just don't join mastodon considering they don't follow this principle.
  • I3UTM reply Hey, you vidizen. Yes you. You're part of the future of Liberty. Fight for it. Lady Liberty rules. That's about all. I3UTM out.
  • Justicewithasword reply Powerful styxhexenhammer666!
  • Auceza reply Google's search engine will lose a lot of costumers and Google's income will decrease. At one point they can't afford to support Youtube anymore.
  • [ – ] e46f0222 reply "Other than the bake the cake issue ...." That's the whole issue, for me. I don't object to two people of the same sex entering into a contract which governs the disposition of their property upon death or other severance of the relationship, and I don't object to them being able to visit the other in the hospital. I do object to them using force against other people -- which is what they're doing when they demand that someone bake them a cake. I also don't give a whit for the "public accommodation" argument, because I solidly support private property -- including property in one's own time, attention, and energy.
    • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply e46f0222 : If you stop someone on the street and say "Make me a cake", that quite demanding. It's hardly demanding to go into a cake shop and ask them to provide a cake for which you will pay money.
      • [ – ] e46f0222 parent reply "It's hardly demanding to go into a cake shop and ask them to provide a cake for which you will pay money." The people in that case were not asking. They were demanding.
        • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply e46f0222 : There have been a number of cake shop cases. Which particular one do you have in mind?
          • [ – ] e46f0222 parent reply Doesn't particularly matter. Any one in which the customer threatens legal action if the business owner chooses, for any reason whatsoever, not to comply with the customer's demands.
            • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply e36f0222 : So if you go into a pharmacy to buy some medicine and the shopkeeper refuses to sell it to you because he just doesn't want to, you don't think you should be allowed to bring legal action for that?
              • [ – ] e46f0222 parent reply No. It would be wrong for me to force another human being to interact with me against his will. I respect his right to dispose of his own time, energy, and property as he sees fit. He has no duty to obey my wishes. All relations among people must be by mutual consent, or not at all.
                • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply e46f0222 : And you think that a person who would refuse to sell someone medicine just because he didn't want to, is the type of the person that could be trusted as being mentally stable enough to have access to a large amount of drugs?
                  • [ – ] e46f0222 parent reply No. Unless he had a very good reason for refusing the business, I doubt I would trust him or want to reward him with my own business.
                    • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply e46f0222 : Do you think the state should trust him and allow him to have access to a large amount of drugs?
                      • [ – ] e46f0222 parent reply The "state" is a group of people who initiate force against others. They should stop doing that.
                        • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply e46f0222 : So if you have gone to prison for deliberately poisoning someone, you don't think the state should prevent you from working in a pharmacy after your release?
                          • [ – ] e46f0222 parent reply If you owned a pharmacy, would you hire someone who had gone to prison for deliberately poisoning someone?
                            • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply e46f0222 : Let's say I would. Do you think that I should be legally allowed to do so?
                              • [ – ] e46f0222 parent reply I have no opinion on the legality of hiring felons who have served their sentence. I would however avoid your pharmacy like the plague. I suspect that the company providing your liability insurance would have something to say about it too.
                                • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply e46f0222 : Do you think a pharmacist should be legally obliged to get liability insurance?
                                    • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply e46f0222 : In that case, let's not worry about what my liability insurance company would say because I don't have one. And presumably you don't think that I should be legally obliged to let you know that I have someone who has deliberately poisoned someone employed to dispense drugs.
                                      • [ – ] e46f0222 parent reply Reckless people like you will go out of business very quickly. I certainly wouldn't shop at your shoddy reckless establishment. I prefer a shop rated highly by a reputable insurance company.
                                        • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply e46f222 : Will pharmacies be legally obliged to put a sign in their window and on their websites saying if they are insured and who their insurance company is and how much they are insured for?
                                          • [ – ] e46f0222 parent reply No. They'd be a fool not to, but nobody would lock them in a cage for failing to do so.
                                            • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply e46f0222 : Will they be legally obliged to hired qualified pharmacists or will anybody do?
                                              • [ – ] e46f0222 parent reply The customers will oblige them to hire qualified pharmacists.
                                                • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply 346f0222 : How?
                                                  • [ – ] e46f0222 parent reply By not shopping at pharmacies which provide sub-standard products and service.
                                                    • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply e46f0222 : What if you don't find out that the service has been sub-standard until after you taken the drugs they gave you that kill you? I suppose, a lot of people will stop shopping at that pharmacy ( including, obviously you ) but still...
                                                      • [ – ] e46f0222 parent reply You go to a reputable pharmacy first. I wouldn't just step into some ramshackle bodega run by an unshaven lout in a tank top and trust him to give me a quality antibiotic in the right purity and dosage. I especially wouldn't shop at "Smith Polly Rx", who I know for a fact carries no liability insurance, hires ex-cons who were imprisoned for deliberately poisoning people, and hires unqualified pharmacists. The guy who runs that place is a complete psychopath! (Just kidding around here because I don't think YOU would do that personally.) As for reputation mechanisms, a lot of things combine to produce reputation, including insurance underwriters, branding, third-party reputation services, forums, web sites, word of mouth, and probably many other forms I couldn't even conceive at this point on my own.
                                                        • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply e46f0222 : Your child has just been stung by a bee. He goes into anaphylactic shock. How much time do you intend to spend checking out if the nearest pharmacy is reputable or not?
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