I No Longer Will Be Addressing Race Issues In America In Regards To Black People

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  • CacaoBuddha reply Salute Mr Miller. Been following you for awhile. We both in the Bay so I had to show you some love. Unfortunately you are right man. It;s a long upwards climb and unfortunately there are too many of us who don't get it. My grandfather always told me "Actions speak louder than words" The older I get the more I understand. Salute to you brotha.
  • [ – ] HebrewstoNegroes reply Mr. Miller, thanks for all your hard work..You really tried brother.I'm glad that you have come to terms with the fact..Some blacks, will never, ever change their way of thinking.For those of us that do, we will continue to support you.
  • [ – ] MAugustin223 reply Bro I enjoy your videos and you make a lot of good points. Just like the advise show said 20% of us get it while the 80% of black folks do not give a fuck. Niggas do not want to be liberated they want to be entertained and gossip. However, there is plenty of us who do get. We should use the internet to interact with each other. Black people have to change their strategy because shit isn't working. We have to get serious. And there is plenty of serious brothers and sistas. Man you made a lot of good points don't give up making videos on racism. We need more voices speaking on black issues. The more that get silent where will get our information from? The MSM who hates black people? I am a 26-year-old black male attending chiropractic school in the north east trying to better myself and get out the hood. I am the only black male in my class so I deal with alot of bs from my white colleagues. You made videos for us good brothas and sistas trying to better ourselves. There is plenty of ...moreus out there that gets it. I enjoy your videos and will miss them. Thank JMiller Ill keep watching your gun range videos. This black man will still watch to learn how to defend my self.
    • eman67 parent reply Well said,so many of us are just lost.
    • JMillerSPEAKSOut parent reply That is the point TheAdviseShowTV was trying to drive to people but they don't see it. We need Black news media. We don't have the same backup like the White Youtubers. Just like right now I just found out that Tim Black just got into it with The Young Turks network trying to throw him under the bus. He has no solid backing from Black people. He called out TYT for using Black issues to gain views but yet they have no Black people on the panel for years. And he said the few that do work there is still not enough. Check out his video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lH0o7_OVr0
  • eman67 reply Don't let it get to Mister Miller i know it's frustrating.
  • [ – ] eman67 reply We should be the most united people on the planet, but unfortunately we are not,the self hate is real,we are so self destructive. I try to wake black women about the type of men they choose. All i get is name called. This is so true.
    • JMillerSPEAKSOut parent reply Trust me brother nothing you say or do will ever be good enough sir. You can crawl on glass for 2 miles straight for the Black community and it will never be enough. There is only a certain group of Black people who are willing to think outside the box. The ones who usually think outside the box have did well for themselves and tried to come Back to help other Black people only to be pushed away.
  • [ – ] SuccessfulSingleWAHM reply Totally agree, I realised many years ago that many of our people are not progressive in their thinking. My lane is so diversified and I offered to sponsor someone and help them can you believe my credentials were questioned. I was pretty surprised.
    • JMillerSPEAKSOut parent reply Exactly. There are some things I wil still speak on but as far as trying to get Black people to come together as a people and fighting against police brutality etc I'm cool on that. Black people know exactly what they need to do and just totally refuse to. I see you are more into helping people with the business side of things and that is good.
  • no_chaser47 reply How do you like it so far bro.
  • BigLegendD3 reply It's good to hear from you my brother. As black people we need to learn to respect each other and learn how to agree or disagree.
  • erictbrown1 reply Sadly our people are full of crap, and I don't blame you for doing this
  • [ – ] rome9000 reply Is there any way you can go to patreon? I been very uncomfortable about vidme. Maybe it will grow on me later. I don't do PayPal I had problems with them in the past. I don't want you to change your commentary and your critique. Its only so few of us who support each other that arent out here "coonin"
  • ohsokool reply Not sure about this VidMe thing. Miss all of your commentary that was on YT. Good luck. You had a bigger fan base there.
  • NashFade reply Yo jmiller you should check out this platform called minds.com the type of video's you do would definitely be appreciated on that site
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