Kizen Update || Liquid Nose Tork || Unicorn Fraps & Thicc Creampies

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  • [ – ] UnarmoredForce reply Cool to hear you've been making progress with Kizen, I was thinking about trying their program earlier, but it didn't really fit well together with my other training. Currently trying to bring my bench up with one of Mark Bell's bench programs. Dude, you're editing is balls to the wall fast! It's nice!
    • RAGEfit parent reply I love the fast editing style. Keeps people's attention :). You seem to do it similarly. That's why I like your style. And can't go wrong with a bench program from Mark Bell. Dude's a monster :O. Silent Mike is just my homeboy so I thought I'd do Kizen lol
  • [ – ] ShinyBigBoo reply Working out isn't something I usually watch videos about, but the pacing, humour, and amazing editing here makes this very enjoyable!! Nice haha!! I'm a chalk guy now too. Do the blazin challenge for sure!! :D
    • [ – ] RAGEfit parent reply Thanks for all the compliments man! I edit things together the way I do and keep the energy high for that reason actually -- to reach a wider audience. Blazin challenge incoming soon ;). Was gonna do it yesterday but wasn't in the mood for pain lol
      • [ – ] ShinyBigBoo parent reply I used to work at BWW's; to get the sauce a little hotter, have the wing spinner nuke the blazin wings in the microwave for a few seconds, then respin em in blazin sauce! It caramelizes the under layer and adds some heat. >:D keep up the high energy bud!!
        • RAGEfit parent reply I love spicy and I can handle very spicy things, but idk if I wanna willingly put myself through more pain for the challenge LOL. It's already gonna be unpleasant
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