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  • 1776orBust reply Thanks I appreciate it. No script and no editing ...just love talking firearms. The ppq is and has always been my most carried pistol. 15-20 degree cant and it is perfect in an iwb kydex holster.
  • GeorgeMcGee reply Very good video. You need not apologize for the length of the video, I wish it was longer! One thing left out, the draw. I know that depends on the holster but some guns draw better than others in similar holsters. Your video style is great! You voice is strong. No stumbling over words, no "uh" sound every fourth word, and it sounds like you did this without notes, cue cards or teleprompters! Please make more videos! Love this stuff. By the way, I vote for the HK VP9, however, I never buy a handgun unless it's name begins with a 4.
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