YouTube Is Messing With It's Creators Again...

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  • [ – ] Donnerjack reply They are black listing anyone who does not have a far left political agenda. This is why is starting to boom. Expect to see a lot of truth bomb red pilling videos FLOOD
    • [ – ] Mrmeerkatz parent reply Wow, that's pretty nuts. I don't want to quit YouTube but it feels like YouTube has quit on me.
      • macrox6 parent reply A follower of Styxhexenhammer666, and Razorfist(Rageaholic) here, I can confirm my friend. They are purging them. Funnily enough, spreading the websites I personally know, They are decreasing this cause of the ruckus Trump made with his presidency. And sadly they'll try to censor all that just to make the left "win", But noooope, that's gonna go backwards with all this infowars they making. The Streisand Effect proves that. I can't help but chuckle at the irony that the right, is making more sense than the left these days. Used to be backwards I tell you.
    • [ – ] AirierGames parent reply Nope, they're hitting everyone. I'm on the left politically, but most of my vids were hit. I don't think YouTube to being evil so much is completely batshit stupid... Very very very stupid.
    • CreatorsThinkingCritically parent reply Vidme does not allow political vids to appear on their trending page so I am not sure that Vidme will boom. Vidme also has to consider consider headlines like "YouTube loses millions as advertising row reaches US: Major brands including Verizon and Walmart pulled their ads after they were found to be appearing next to videos promoting extremist views or hate speech" Should Vidme take the financial gamble? Where's the evidence it will pay off?
  • [ – ] BadwolfGamer reply It's us against them.
  • [ – ] greyback_coyote reply Just be aware, google and youtube have publicly stated that they will blacklist creators they deem as offensive and will be placed in a state were nobody will be able to comment, like, or subscribe. And from what you have told us, you are on that blacklist. Your future on YouTube is limited. But my advice, just keep riding this wagon till the wheels fall off.
    • Mrmeerkatz parent reply Yeah I remember them saying that but I think that was for super offensive stuff but that's what another problem was, because the people who they deem offensive is done by people who have been very incorrect with that before. I just checked and only about 140/550+ video were limited but that's still 140 videos for no reason. Thanks for your input. :3
  • [ – ] greyback_coyote reply In case you want to see this blacklisting program in action, go to a channel called SuiteYourself.
    • Mrmeerkatz parent reply Just saw his video. Basically the same thing they were doing before by using a blacklist... but increased to an insane amount to where you can't even play video games.
  • [ – ] DarkestStarASMR reply The demonitized a video where i was whispering times when i was gonna release videos!! Ffs!!
  • [ – ] DarkestStarASMR reply It hits the ASMR genre pretty hard right now
  • [ – ] DarkestStarASMR reply Almost lost revenue on all my 800 videos 😞
    • Mrmeerkatz parent reply Dang, that's quite a bit. I only have around 550 but it only hit up about 140 but that number grows and I'm pretty sure I've been blacklisted since I just uploaded a stream notification that ONLY has music in it and it got demonetized immediately... could be that you can't even put YouTube in your titles on their own site.
  • [ – ] TheGhostWatch reply I had a few of my videos demonetized, all horror games. I have no idea what YouTube's problem is.
    • Mrmeerkatz parent reply That sucks. YouTube recently added a team to decide what goes and doesn't go but the problem with these people is they are the same ones who deemed PEPE the frog as a hate symbol and YouTube is really trying to promote a lot of SJW styled videos but it's not really working so to make them popular they make almost everyone they can irrelevant by blacklisting, demonetizing, and limiting their videos from showing up in peoples feeds. This is probably the worst mistake YouTube has ever made and that says something because they have made some terrible mistakes.
  • [ – ] Leon_Portier reply Many are branching out to other platforms
  • [ – ] ShizukaHanekura reply I seen someone on Twitter, who runs a Youtube channel, Tweet out that their video got the ads killed and Youtube's email to them said that it has to be watchable by 5 year olds. Youtube is trying to OD on cocaine.
    • [ – ] Mrmeerkatz parent reply By 5 year olds?! I wasn't even on the internet when I was 5... even though YouTube didn't exist at that point I wasn't and wouldn't have even been old enough to understand what I was watching. Did YouTube forget that most people are not 5... and there is already a kids mode, and a restricted mode, and blacklists, and people being limited from feeds... are they 5 themselves?
      • ShizukaHanekura parent reply I'm guessing Youtube has no idea what they're doing, they're a bunch of mentally disabled chimps throwing feces around, they don't care about their own creators, especially the "Creepy" community who regularly gets content demonotized or hidden from the channel's subs.
  • [ – ] hinsten reply Youtube sucks today! I usually upload a lot of action games as FPS, TPP and they have blocked monetization in many of my videos. This is just ridiculous.
  • [ – ] CreatorsThinkingCritically reply I am sorry this has happened to you. On my channel my latest video outlines numerous evidence-based reasons why small and new creators should not bother with YouTube anymore. I'm not sure how gamers will do on Vidme considering how many gamers reported that they would be subject to a 50gb upload limit. Vidme hasn't made clear if all gamers are subject to this or only the ones who were uploading hours-long videos. Is Twich the nest venue for gamers then?
    • Mrmeerkatz parent reply Yeah it really sucks, you can't even start to grow as a small channel anymore on YouTube. Vidme and Twitch seem to be the next best thing.
  • [ – ] albanothemadman reply I just got my first limited yesterday. It was a cover of one of one of the undertale bass fights. Nothing remotely controversial. AND if you're a REALLY small channel like me, you can't even appeal until the video gets 1000 views. Bullshit.
  • [ – ] CryptoAndMarkets reply Noticed the same thing on my channel as well the last 2 weeks. All I do is post videos about stock market and crypto currency. Like WTF, the small creators made ur platform FFS
    • Mrmeerkatz parent reply Yeah it's pretty bad, you can't talk at all about the government or put YouTube in the title or even play a video game. The only thing able to make money is SJW videos, and YouTube is really pushing them on Twitter to go along with that trend... now it's very obvious YouTube couldn't care less and they are taking a bad hit because of it.
  • [ – ] PhuCat103 reply My recent videos had that problem yesterday, but then it got monetized today even though my videos never reached 1,000 views and I never requested a review. YouTube is a strange website.
    • Mrmeerkatz parent reply Huh that's weird, maybe they are suppressing the amount of things they demonetize from the uproar or something.
  • [ – ] GeneralTiberiusxX reply Yeah I would agree YouTube is fucked up
  • [ – ] ElCidDos reply As a game channel person, you probably thought all the drama of the political channels was not related to you. You are now learning that that isn't true. While not everyone is interested in politics, it truly affects your life. The people in power make decisions that affect you whether you think they should or not. Your videos are being demonetized because Youtube is going after political creators they don't like and your videos have "bad" keywords in them or something. Start to learn about what is going on in this country, help fight the forces that want to silence everyone they disagree with. Those powers fall on the "left" side of the political spetrum. Do so research and see for yourself. styxhexenhammer666 or computing forever are good places to start.
    • Mrmeerkatz parent reply If it weren't for the new people they hired that I heard about, pretty sure I was told they were the same people that demoted PEPE as a hate symbol and all this other stuff that is ridiculous. Vidme has been created at the perfect time and I'm glad it was because if YouTube dies I'll have this to keep doing what I like on. The name styxhexenhammer has been thrown around a couple of times here, I'll check him out. :3
  • [ – ] Retrodude1 reply You not the only one with this problem! :/
    • Mrmeerkatz parent reply Yeah, it seems to be affecting a lot of people but at the same time there are apparently a lot of people who aren't Not really sure what is triggering that.
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