Dragon Ball Super Episode 103 REVIEW | BRING THE GO-HUNDER!

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  • PillarofCreation reply I think this episode went a long way towards showing why Goku fights the way he does. When faced with lesser opponents he fights them at their level so as to learn anything he can about their fighting style. I wouldn't be surprised if Goku uses that chick's fluid ki control or w/e later on in the arc. He puts himself at a disadvantage because he has nothing to gain otherwise.
  • dcrediah reply In every thought that I'd be cheering for 17 ever. This arc has me warming up to him big time
  • ValwinMedia reply WTF you talking about ? that was the worst animation yet
  • Malum reply "The animation was on point this episode." No, it wasn't. There were blatant thick lines used all over this episode and it was quite the distraction. Surprising you never once pointed it out, Masako.
  • The_New_One reply To be honest, this story arc is quite boring at this point. It lasts too long, its not personal enough and characters are the same as since the beginning of the arc... ^^' The interesting characters are doing nothing, the powerful ones are being stupid. Pretty sad, really. Can't wait for the next one. :3
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