Lena Dunham Says Some Stupid Sh*t!

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  • [ – ] VoltaicFire reply I have an idea, have Lena abort herself, I know it's a late abortion but I won't judge in this case lol
  • Burnt_Rentals reply You want to see stupid dunham shit look into her dads art. Its proof that to make it hollywood its who you know not what.
  • [ – ] charlieM60 reply Why do these women trivialise rape?
  • TARoe reply This is an awesome analysis and breakdown of the horror of this new wave of feminism. It's disheartening how many followers she has; lemmings that would follow her off a cliff.
  • djbanana reply The left is eating itself and will keep eating itself till it's more of a minority than it already is
  • ScortBeater reply I can not stand this nut case. Her mother had an abortion at the wrong time! To call someone brave for getting out of responsibility is just ridiculous! Brave is running into a fire when everyone is running out! Brave is running into gun fire to try and save a life of a peraon even the one trying to kill you.
  • acce245 reply This is ... how does this lady even breathe? Is this the same lady who doesn't understand how tires work?
  • chairview reply doesnt she always? lol
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