10 Years with YouTube (Story & Opinion) - Max Marriner

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  • Boobe2007 reply I wish the YouTube heroes didn't delete my 11 year old channel for spam
  • JustABloke reply I don't have a problem with YouTube, I just can't be bothered being forced to watch Ads. 🤔 But wow, I love the way you put this video together, smokin'.
  • SeanShadowBlood reply Youtube was a great video website back in the day, but it's the way it's demonetizing videos what has other creators on a rage, sure it's still a good place for videos and somehow still larger than vidme but vidme is still young and growing. Perhaps if youtube retracts the latest guidelines and returns to support creators and not advertisers, maybe it can return to it's glory, at the time, youtube is a shadow of it's former self, that's why so many are moving to vidme to get away from those demonetisations but who knows, nobody can predict the future, at least not acurately.
  • ZeroBudgetProductions reply It was great for a while but the Big Red Machine has people fleeing in droves.
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