Alex Jones & Paul J. Watson Are Wrong About the "Okay Sign"

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply Hollywood presents stupid nonsense to pass off as entertainment. so they need to create some mysticism to draw you in to get you to depart with your money. Hollywood BS artist trying to pretend their better than everyone, or part of a special group, to allure you into the door. If you watch the video below you'll know more about the Eye of Horus that the Actors of Hollywood. If you want a extra bonus video to see the butterfly connection watch NATURE by NUMBERS. Actors are phony if you think watching them put on a goat head makes them better the equivalent of a primitive witch doctor. What is mysterious is not people notice these patterns and then imitate them in art architecture, paintings, religion. But why these patterns are present in every form. If you still thick celebrities are on to anything your next stop should be at a slaughter house to obtain some goats horns.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply I noticed that you used the symbol of Nimrod, it is also know as the eye of Hours. Where did Nimrod FIND/ Appropriated this image as theirs. They didn't create it but they noticed it in nature to be observed, They can't prove ownership. Google (EYE OF HORUS IN THE BRAIN). It occurs in the brain of every person. At best the Ancient people noticed this pattern and observed that it also occurs in nature and adapted it INTO THEIR mysticism. What your really looking at is the pattern that god the creator has incorporated into everything in the universe. Charlton's try to present it as some secret knowledge of fallen angels, secret knowledge known to only the mystic priests of the past. The Fibonacci sequence also forms the golden ratio which is present in Art, Architecture, Plants, Animals, Galaxies, Music, Math, Geometry, Physics, Electricity, the rhythm of the heart beat, emotions, (Fractals which form patterns that are also observed in human DNA.), (magnetism/ torus) One could call it ...moreGod's finger print on everything. It forms the mathematical number Pie, LN, etc., etc. Look at the EYE of Horus It forms a Fibonacci spiral as part of the eye of Hours, you will also find the Symbol for Pie, and many more mathematical patterns. The eye itself forms the Vesica Piscis or mandorla here's a video to look at. Ask An Alchemist -- The Eye of Horus Explained The fabulous Fibonacci flower formula
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