Khumo & Two Other Guys - Ghosts

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  • [ – ] Khumo510 reply This is p well synced tbh.
    • [ – ] DivinityInMotion parent reply This Was a Pain to Sync, because I would Have what I wanted what I liked, Yotube would Tell me I can't Upload cause' Of Sony, So I had to Edit with the Edited Pieces, thank god for
      • [ – ] Khumo510 parent reply if you flipped the video and lowered the video volume you would probs be set with YT
        • [ – ] DivinityInMotion parent reply I don't Like doing that, Flipping Makes it look weird and the Video Volume was the lowest it could go
          • Khumo510 parent reply I feel ya, i don't like it either but if it means getting past possible copyright then i'll do it. Also there are two separate volume things. i usually keep the volume at 13 while keeping the secondary volume thing underneath it (which is the gain) "almost" all the way to the left whenever there's commentary. When there isn't commentary i keep at 50 while the gain stays in the middle.
    • Khumo510 parent reply This legit has better pacing than most of my newer vids tbh.
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