John McCain Trashes Rand Paul on CNN with Wolf Blitzer ( This video just got De-Monetized By YouTube - WHY ???)

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  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply When you're training an animal, you give them treats when they do what you want them to do. Trump apparently was persuaded to follow the dominant elite script in Syria. So the media and others are a little extra nice to him. Barf. So phony. I don't see John McCain standing up to the dominant elite. From where I'm sitting, he's in their pocket. All they want is war, war and more war. Makes them billions and gives them an excuse to rape and pillage the poor countries in their way. Heartless. But who needs a heart when you have money and power over others? Their thinking all the way. Thanks for the video!
    • Charlton parent reply Barf is right. So true. McCain and Graham cheerleading more more more. Blow'm up Blat'm up Smash'm up WAYYY UP. What's that spell. Cha Chingg. Funny they dont even try to not be obvious any more. They're just like Fuck it... where you going for happy hour (talking to the chick reporter holding the mic). Thanks FPP. Charlton
  • [ – ] Larry666 reply McCain was happier than a twitterpating titmouse when the cruise missile strikes occurred. Him and his wife, Lindsey Graham, must be beating off in front of their mirrors right now!
  • Larry666 reply Very hard to believe that Assad would use chemical weapons at a point when he is regaining control in Syria. Probably a false flag--Why.....why would he be so careless when conventional weapons would have accomplished the same end. Very disappointed with Trump's knee-jerk reaction. Rand Paul is right as is his father. Only a few dare speak the truth against the deep-state.
  • [ – ] Snipman reply Nice video, I'm going to watch more, you are cery entertaining
    • Charlton parent reply Thank you. Perfect way for me to turn in... soon. Thanks. I look forward to talk with you in the future. Have a great weekend. Charlton
  • Snipman reply Nice video, I'm going to watch more, you are cery entertaining
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