CPU Backdoors Could Allow Government Spying

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  • MirceaSava reply Open source software alternatives exist and are known for some time now, however that won't help if the hardware layer is compromised. That's why in today's environment open source firmware like Coreboot is as important as the OS. In a way I am grateful, as this will make more people aware of the alternatives to the X86 architecture like OpenPOWER for the server/workstation market, and RISC-V for embedded devices.
  • c_arnold03 reply This is assuming that the government hasn't had this capability in our computers processors for the last few years already.
  • Mr_Peoples reply Great video dude.
  • survivor303 reply Linux has intel microcode, microcode allow access to cpu and to the me :)
  • hoofed reply “Mr. Potato Head… back doors are not secrets!” - Jim
  • DeskZombie reply Great video; I was not aware of this. Covert collection of user data has been around for quite some time now; I'm surprised this wasn't revealed sooner. Anyway, if privacy is a concern, people can switch to older - like, Pentium II or something - or more low-key hardware - like ARM or Atmel devices. Raspberry Pi would be my pick.
  • [ – ] blindfire reply So does this mean we should all start using AMD Zen and RyZen processors?
  • [ – ] gamingandtech reply Windows sucks linux is better but there are a lot of apps that are only on windows
    • GradVM parent reply Your Linux will be compromised if you run it on Intel's chip... also any smart devices operating on Atom's or Intel mobile's platform will be government's bitches...
  • GalvanizedDream reply Let's hope Ryzen does not have this issue.
  • iayman reply thats its a good thigs when you see techology get bigger.
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