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  • RKHarleyguy415708 reply Yes indeed, there was no hate speech but the Gestapo thought otherwise. I protested the strike, telling the youTube Team that they are attacking my First Amendment Right, and that I said nothing that was hate speech, they replied by saying they will let me know their decision shortly, they did, they said that the strike stands, along with a two week suspension. A third strike will shut the channel down along with four plus years of hard work up loading over 17,500 video's. President Trump better look into this crap, and put a stop to it before we are all shut down. I will upload a whole series of video's on YouTube on Thursday or Friday of this week, and the Gestapo Team will in all probability shut down my channel for good. Gabe
  • lisanew1 reply You tube is out of control with their censoring out the truth. You have a right to your opinion. It is flipping nuts. But that is the crap they leave up on you tube. Supporting that shit we know is leftist crazies! Obama has done a number on America!
  • RKHarleyguy415708 reply YouTube gave me a strike for this posting, they said my video was hate speech, that strike cam with a two week suspension, a third strike removes 17,500 plus video's, they are a leftist criminal organization.
  • Lovelight reply Nothing but truth and compassion for the soul sick as well. I'm so glad I found you.
  • Dunesway123 reply I thought something happened to you. I had not heard of Vid.Me. Its link with Twitter is smart. Zach Belcher, retired in Lewes DE
  • Flamenco1961 reply Probably my upbringing but i couldn't notice one shred of hate in this message. All I saw was sincere concern and maybe some reminiscing to less troublesome times. I, for one, can relate to that.
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