#WWE's new PPV called "Great Balls Of Fire" a Raw PPV ?

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  • [ – ] illuminaughty reply Really great video. Enjoyed it
  • [ – ] RAGEfit reply Man the WWE crowd is huge I've found from youtube and vidme. Never got into it as a child. My friends would wrestle n crap on trampolines and my dad didn't want my brother and I doing it LOL
    • [ – ] dwellstherock parent reply +RAGEfit Yeah,#WWE crowd always gets fired up,when it comes to shows & that's awesome,u want to wrestler & your dad,won't let you & your brother to do that,LOL,don't know why,but at less,it's a fun thing to do,glad you check out my video!
      • [ – ] RAGEfit parent reply hahahah we'd watch power rangers and beat each other up so he decided WWE couldn't be good for us lollllll
        • dwellstherock parent reply +RAGEfit LOL,Power Rangers was a good show,when i use to watch back in the days,wow,ya'll beat each other up,of course,me & my brother & our friends,we did wrestle in the yard @ old house years ago,crazy times we did,that's pretty much #WWE,will never bring us in.
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