New Tuber Advice (Part 10, Should You Upload Daily?)

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  • [ – ] Gamenrowan reply First day rooting around vidme for board gamer content and happened upon your channel. I ended up watching your whole New Tuber series, clicked my first follow button, and am writing my first comment (I've been lurking on YouTube for six year and haven't commented once). This series is well thought out, you have a good sense of humor, you express yourself well and, above all, held my attention throughout. Thank you. Oh, and do you sub for sub. Just kidding. I haven't got a channel. But you've got me thinking about it. Or I can play another game of Terraforming Mars with my wife. Or we can watch some more of your videos to get a taste of the whole sandwich. Best of luck to you.
    • MajorSvenGaming parent reply Thank you so much for the amazing comment Gemenrowan, I was in the hospital during the time so I am really sorry I missed it and the reply is so late (me and my wife had a baby). I am very touched by the kindness and it is support like this that makes it all worth it, thank you again :) and yay sandwiches
  • [ – ] imJustJosh reply Honestly wished this was out before I started. My old channel was a video a day for about two months, and my inspiration to do this was Jacksepticeye because I always felt like he had such a great work ethic, but it took such a hit to my energy and self esteem because the first day that I missed a daily upload I felt so shit about myself. I mean I still think Jack has an amazing work ethic don't get me wrong, but also I think he sets unreal standards for some people especially with the jokes he makes about never sleeping. It might be true, but it also led to lack of sleep because I was so inspired and like "If he can do it, I can. I want to be able to make a career out of this". Lo and behold, very poor quality videos, and just a slow decrease in energy in my videos.
    • MajorSvenGaming parent reply Thank you so much for watching ForFox yeah. We can be inspired by peeps like jack, but equally he doesn't have a day job, children or other major commitments. If I had nothing else going on in my life (like a full time job, large family, friends, hobbies, social clubs) I would probably stretch to 5 videos but it is just impossible otherwise. The main thing is to enjoy what your doing, don't get stressed and make connections with decent people, so thank you very much for watching :)
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