VidMe - Can You Please Verify Me - Part 2

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  • [ – ] A_Psy_Thinking_Outside_The_Box07 reply I will say that it is very important indeed to know about the children's sexuality (I am using irony here of course...) VidMe being the future YouTube I betcha...
  • A_Psy_Thinking_Outside_The_Box07 reply You don't need to verify me anymore because I post here when I have time left in my schedule. VidMe is basically a kindergarten and a ''peer cheer club''. I used to be a YouTuber before the big crash of 2017 and I had over 30 000 subscribers. My videos were maybe not the best presentation in the world but I really was speaking about reality and it's not a place for reality here. Have fun. p.s. oh and it's really something that atheists are automatically verified. Here is an example of it: isn't that something? p.s.p.s. Brett did help me to take the right decision:
  • A_Psy_Thinking_Outside_The_Box07 reply A few examples of recently verified accounts: 0 videos 0 upvotes 0 albums 59 followers 0 following 0 comments 0 tips 0 videos 2 upvotes 0 albums 36 followers 0 following 1 comment 0 tips 2 videos 0 upvotes 0 albums 23 followers 2 following 0 comments 0 tips
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