10K Views Needed To Monetize On YouTube

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  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply 10K views is quite a high standard. But I suppose it's not unlike job hunting in the real world. No one will pay you unless you have some experience. But you can't HAVE experience without a job. Just make like, 5 kitten videos. That'll boost your views. LOL
    • aaliyah_holt1995 parent reply I actually have YouTube experience, I had a channel that I made in 2012. I just started over a few times. On a job you could have experience. Like your first job you got laid off, then you had to find another, say the store closed down, and you have to get another job. You had plenty of experience but unfortunate events caused to to relocate. And circumstances caused me to rebrand.
  • BrianAiya reply The change in YT is that you can monetize videos one you pass 10K LIFETIME views, which means the total views of your whole channel and not 10K views per video.
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