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Why Are There So Many Springfields?

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October 10 2017

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Mr. Beat explains why there are so many Springfields. It is, after all, such a random name for a city. And Loren from Lorenmakesart helps him tell the story. Speaking of which... Subscribe to Lorenmakesart! My favorite Lorenmakesart videos: The Soda Barf Story (Dye EdCoak and Men-Toes): Being Average Height: Minisode: Caffeine: Being In High School Forensics/Speech and Drama: Want a specific history topic covered? Your idea gets picked when you donate on Patreon: Mr. Beat's band: Mr. Beat on Twitter: Sources: If you are watching this video right now, and you are an American, there is a very good chance that you live in Springfield. Congratulations! You live in the same city as The Simpsons! Or do you? If you Google “Most Common American City Name,” “Springfield” is what pops up. But guess what? GOOGLE IS WRONG. What is wrong with you, Google? The most common American city name is actually “Riverside.” Only four states- Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, and Oklahoma don’t have a city named Riverside. There’s plenty of other places named “Riverside” in those states, but not cities. There are 186 cities named “Riverside” in the United States. Worldwide, Riverside ain’t got nothing on San Jose. There are 1,716 cities named “San Jose” around the world. Yes way, Jose. But this video was about Springfield. Wasn’t it? I honestly forgot. Ok, I think it was. Yes. Springfield. Springfield is still a popular name for cities and towns. There are 41 of them in 36 states. “Washington”, named after that George Washington dude, is the only other name of a city or town other than “Riverside” that outnumbers “Springfield.” (chants) We’re number 3! We’re number 3! There are three Springfields with more than 100,000 people. One of them is a state capital. Wisconsin has four of them. The awesome person animating this video currently lives in one of them. It makes sense that there’s a bunch of Riversides because there are a bunch of cities and towns beSIDE RIVERS (and people are generally not that creative with names). It also makes sense that there are a lot of Washingtons because Washington is probably the most popular American that has ever existed. But Springfield? It’s a bit more random. Why are there so many Springfields? Let’s go back to the beginning. The oldest Springfield I could find existed at least as far back as the 1500s in Essex County, England. In 1590, a dude named William Pynchon (PIN chun) was born there, and he was mighty proud of that little village. So proud of it that later on he founded a town in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1636 and named it, you guessed it...Springfield. This town would end up becoming one of the most important and influential cities in early American history. It played an early role in the Industrial Revolution, and was known as a center for technological innovation. Kind of like the Silicone Valley of the early 1800s. It was known as “The City of Progress,” as lots of stuff was invented there that still exists today. Today Springfield, Massachusetts is known as The City of Firsts. Basketball, postcards, dog shows, and the Republican Party all originated in the city.

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