Cheating Is Great | Spike the Hedgehog 2-2

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  • [ – ] GamerRaf reply Never seen this game. I like that you play games but I've never heard of. Cool work!
    • [ – ] SamEarl13 parent reply I love playing relatively unknown games, I have a bunch of unofficial translations of old japanese games (NES, SNES etc) on my hard drive to play too :D
      • [ – ] GamerRaf parent reply Awesome man keep it up. By the way did you receive my message?
        • [ – ] SamEarl13 parent reply Yep received the message, did a few practice runs. How do you want to receive submissions, would it be easy to upload on the channel like "[challenge name] [level]" and put all the parts into a big album perhaps.
  • Rawman reply This game is so hard it takes like 6 or 7 minutes to finish the 2nd level of world 2 compared to the first level which is about 1 or 2 mins if that. Probably more about 40 seconds to 60 seconds. It's true though this game is barely manageable being this zoomed out. I played it while zoomed in and 80% of my deaths was because I couldn't see the enemies coming and you know some of them speed around and the way spike plays he moves in blocks. Another great spike video I'm really enjoying this show. I'm actually really looking forward to the final boss. I could have enjoyed this game if it wasn't so hard because it was a fun little puzzle style game in its own way. Like you said before you end up getting really good at it. Those was the times i started enjoying it.
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Hey @itsOnlyRawman @MarzieMalfoy played another level of Spike the Hedgehog and at the end of the video found the value that will let me skip to what level I want. Should I make a tutorial on how to cheat via Cheat Engine?
    • Rawman parent reply You actually make this game bareable lol. This game is hardcore but you have to do what you have to do. All these bugs and glitches...this game is literally the most impossible game ever. What was they thinking????
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