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  • [ – ] DBFig reply I own Android, but got to try my buddies version. It's not bad. It is what it is. I hope their future plans with Fire Emblem, and Animal Crossing is of even better quality.
    • JadeJicama parent reply That's probably a big part of why the market for Mario Run is looking bad, Nintendo only released to part of the phone market.
  • ChazDragoon reply When a game's "selling point" is "You can play with one hand!", it means one or two things: 1: Your app is for...lewd purposes. :3 2: Your app is lacking in any substance gameplay/feature/etc wise that THIS is the point you want to get across. This game isn't worth 10 bucks to me...5 bucks (at WORST)...but not 10. The Always Online Requirement is a turn off too...bravo for DRM schemes dressed as "needed to function"
  • BranTheLaw reply I'll be downloading when it hits android.
  • Rawman reply haha play while driving, you dont mess about eric, but as he said its not advised he was joking. i always wanted to try this game but after seeing things more and seeing stuff about it. I am honestly more turned off on it (as of now, this could change) because mario was always about go at your pace, save the princess. but this feels like another mobile game with a bunch of stuff that could potentially make you regret spending the money.
  • sefgray reply "Play while driving" Really?
  • TheIndieFolx reply Really mediocre game, some flappy bird grounded version. Reviews on the AppStore speak for themselves. It may be the problem that people playing Mario tend to click more than one "jump" button, and you don't really feel engrosed in the game (at least I wasn't)
  • LoserQuestShow reply I didn't actually realise there was a trial version...thought you had to pay upfront. Might give it a go in that case. Nice video :)
  • traedarkness reply Looks fun. Nice first impression
  • Serraxor reply Sick man, first thing I noticed this episode is that copy of Hector '87 back there, haha
  • MariaTheGerman reply Gotta say I really enjoy the battlemode haha for some reason I cannot stop!! xD
  • AndrewKan reply I wish I could play it, but I have android. However, it does look fun!
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