Browser Extensions! - The ones i use.

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  • wearegods reply The DSL in your name by chance short for Damn Small Linux?
  • c_arnold03 reply I gave up on Chrome. For some reason it would always crash on me. It didn't matter if I was on Linux, Windows, or MacOS. It would constantly crash in ways that I had been previously told IE always did. It was like there was some conspiracy by programmers to keep me from ever contentedly experiencing Chrome, so I haven't used it in a good few years.
  • Firestar9114 reply youtube magic actions adds a lot of functionality to youtube, and it includes a darkskin. and it's available for firefox too. oh, and just because you said not to tell you this... you should use firefox :P oh, and th extension "dark background and light text" is super useful and has multiple options for how to convert any website to a dark theme. it can attempt to change the theme via the following methods: stylesheet, simple css, invert, and disabled. additionally it can be configured on a site by site basis and the invert mode isn't completely retarded in inverting all images so sometimes it is actually usefull.
  • Morepowerr reply You may look in to toggle proxy for firefox.
  • Fighting_Zenith reply Here's one extension I'll suggest: Gnash, the GNU Flash Player.
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