New York Times Opinion Page Endorses Communism

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  • [ – ] Shugtastic reply The NYTimes has a long-standing history of tendentiously promoting Communism. Journalist Walter Duranty won the Pulitzer for his reportage from Soviet Russia in the 1920s-30s but his work was later found to be such blatant genocide-denying propaganda there have been calls ever since to strip him of the prize.
  • [ – ] Thurisaz17 reply I'm sure all the pseudo-commie hipster shitbags like Bill de Blasio and Terry MacAuliffe ate that article up. What a bunch of shitbricks.
    • 173 parent reply All this commie love shit is a textbook case of 'The grass is always greener on the other side". Useful Idiots bored and experiencing an existential crisis.
  • swerver reply I remember seeing this one video where a marxist-feminist said that in capitalism women are dependant on men for capital so therefore women are oppressed by men. So her idea is that communism redistributes capital to women and takes away the patriarchal oppression. I am thinking that now everybody is dependant on capital from the government. So wouldn't that mean that the government is the oppressors? a side note is that men are dependant on capital to get women. So wouldn't that actually mean that women are the oppressors?
  • 173 reply Any attention is good attention. Communism is a good marketing tool these days. All this stuff is manufactured rage / incitement. For-Profit Capitalists, peddling Bolshevik ideologies: Useful Idiots.
  • Cerebrawl reply Upwards of 150 million deaths, not counting war casualties.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Islam has an equality of outcome, outlined in the Quran. Women are property, to be bought and traded. Women in Islam: Child-Rape, Polygamy, Mutilation, Sex Slavery in the Koran (Dr. Bill Warner)
  • [ – ] LT_Fish reply "When you kill one, it is a tragedy. When you kill one million it is a statistic."
  • LT_Fish reply Equality of "Opportunity" not equality of "possibility".
  • [ – ] TheTrue reply Holliday in Cambodia anyone? That song said it all.
  • JohnnyWishbone reply Cancer isn't all that bad. At least you get to have a few days off work.
  • Pluff-Pluff reply Yes, it would work for big business for little while. Until, the gov.'t went on a power trip and take their businesses away from them, for the greater good of course.
  • [ – ] Msl333 reply ANARCHO-FASCISM IS THE FUTURE!!!
  • Sparkles321 reply As mentioned by another commentor the New York Times was an early supporter of communism in the Soviet Union. Blatant lies and misinformation about the early Soviet state was common.
  • 173 reply Commie chic.
  • knowitalltoknownothing reply Hitler wasn't all bad... He liked dogs, was a vegetarian & a teetotal!!
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply I wonder if the TV anchors would still get 7-15 million under a communist regime.
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply Not exactly a coincidence that "they" wait for a generation or 2 so that everyone forgets. The American people have the attention span of a gnat and don't understand history, myself included. I can still think, I think.
  • TaxPayingContributor reply Inequality is a universal constant, and communism, and it's forced fairness cannot make all equal.
  • OrionBlastar reply
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