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  • [ – ] skullytmcgra reply I don't care what the race or sex in the games and all i want in a game is good gameplay and a story like in game and back story something Destiny and some other games these days don't have. Game critics are so full of shit these days with not enough genders or skin color. What next we need furries? This why we need to stop listening to these people. It's sad that the game critics are full on retarded. I swear most critics are like the full on autism Anita the feminist con artist 😄.
  • 3oddbits reply Terminology problems? Try decoding two retired military vets talking about their service time. Acronym Hell. Devs that produce "propaganda" instead of games ... deserve more that just "harsh criticism". This is just more regurgitated Feminist whining over "Gaming". Note to Devs : You screw with my escape from the "political correct" BLEEP! that is being spewed everywhere ... I will NEVER PAY for ANYTHING you produce. PERIOD.
  • [ – ] Auceza reply Since i want to know if a new game is good, i just watch a Let's Play of a trusted person. I don't need these "game critics". They are retarded in most cases.
  • Auceza reply Just ignore the fascist SJWs. They are inhuman bigots and insane females. They are the church women of these days. They are despicable and deserve every kind of humiliation.
  • BadOPCode reply Like all good religions ... they must launch an assault on gamers and their games. Are we talking about Muslims, Mormons or the Church of Westboro? No! We are talking about the Church of SJW. Good little parishioners need to turn in their controllers and spread the gospel of how video games are corrupting our souls. Please someone... please tell me i'm not the only one seeing the pattern here?
  • TenderBabyMeat reply I think there needs to be a massive and ongoing movement by gamers to seek out and mod any games by devs that elect to kowtow to these SJW pressure groups. Deliberately add in more muscle bound beefcake, more scantily clad women, more stereotypes, more capes covering asses. And I mean regardless of the quality of the game or quantity sold. Mod the hell out of every SJW tainted game, mass seed the mods all over the net, make it very plain and open that this political nonsense will not only be resisted, but spit upon. Devs need to know that this vocal minority will not be allowed to take over as they have done and are doing in things such as social media. Spread the word, gamers.
  • Bendragon81037 reply Some games utilize the sex appeal as a distraction for the players, to add additional complexity in a game. Other games utilize politics as part of a story or joke, for example: Make America Great Again: The Trump Presidency which has received positive reviews on steam, so I wouldn't say politics and sex appeal has no place in games, but it definitely needs to be done right. These critics focus only the fact of 'objectifying' and nothing else which gamers typically don't focus on.
  • BrandyKoopa reply GTA 5 Community - Terrible APB: Reloaded Community - Terrible RUST Community - TERRIBLE ARK Community - TERRIBLE
  • PureCrimson reply What is this "journalist" even on about. We have been criticizing the unoriginality of a game characters since forever, we are tired of same Gears-of-war-guy cliche. It doesn't mean we need greassy fat asians with TRUMPRESIST signs.
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