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  • [ – ] Dragoninkmusic reply I gotta say I agree with all of this, my entire studio including instruments is only worth a measly $1500 brand new, the most expensive item being my zoom R8 recording hardwear which I do everything from mud track to mastering with. I don't even use a DAW. The only points I would disagree with, and only partially are the last two, as I try to avoid "technical perfection"... As you said music is art, and as such is a reflection of self, and seeing as I am far from perfect, neither should my music be. Thats not to say if I royally screw up a part I won't go back and fix it, but if it doesn't overly hurt the groove or feel of the song, a lot of the time I will leave it in
    • Rage_By_Nightfall parent reply And is far as gear, I always had the lower end stuff. I played on Squier and Epiphone for the longest time and I only have better gear now because I felt that it would be nice to have something better with how long I've been playing but it's not a make or break. Not at all.
    • [ – ] Rage_By_Nightfall parent reply As in technical perfection...the reason I say that is important and of course nobody is perfect but what you record in the studio should be your best work. Almost like an artist showing off their portfolio. I personally prefer a very good quality recording. I always joke with my dad saying that everything analog sucks because the music is so compressed. Kiss's "Hotter Than Hell" album is like the perfect example of what I mean. I usually like to fix mistakes early on because after hours of recording and getting things just right, it just sucks if you wait to fix something. Gotta nip it in the bud. That's just my opinion. Some people prefer "raw" recordings. I'm just not one of them. Like the early punk rock recordings...really hard for me to listen to. lol.
      • [ – ] Dragoninkmusic parent reply Yeah thats fair man, I wasn't disagreeing cause I thought what you said was wrong, rather that my tastes and techniques are a little different, you know, adding to the conversation. For me personally, I prefer somewhere in the middle... Not too rough, don't want it sounding like an unrehearsed mud track, but at the same time I don't strive for "big label" style perfection where any off note is the end of the world
        • [ – ] Rage_By_Nightfall parent reply Yeah, no doubt man. Me, I have to admit that I strive for big label perfection but it's not there. My stuff is like in the middle but more towards big label perfection, but not quite there. From the videos I've watched you strike me as a rigid punk rock, no bullshit kinda guy which is awesome. It's like you need to have both for variety.
          • Dragoninkmusic parent reply pretty much hit the nail on the head there, I need that variety or I get irritated with it lol. As for yours, i think the only thing holding you back is your mastering, your mix and EQ is bang on, but it lacks that post master "ooomph" that comes with the big label mixes, (something I think all us independent artists struggle to achieve) But your pretty bloody close mate that's for sure!
        • Dragoninkmusic parent reply I will say though, my drum parts could be a hell of a lot better in some tracks, but a complicated track is that much more complicated using a sample pad, I used to have a digital drum kit, but the kids killed it
        • [ – ] Rage_By_Nightfall parent reply A little shocked this video didn't get as many views as I hoped. lol
          • [ – ] Dragoninkmusic parent reply actually yeah..... that is a bizarrely low view count for one of your videos.... maybe the fact that its really a video only others musos could relate to?
            • [ – ] Rage_By_Nightfall parent reply Most likely but tomorrow's music video is gonna be pretty good. Some of my friends listened to it and are like OMG POP PUNK!!! Lol. Seems like the only videos with a high view count are the music videos.
              • [ – ] Dragoninkmusic parent reply we have a similar situation with our DIYs... At least your channel started out primarily music, the DIY thing was just a kind of filler thing for our channel between Callies art and our music
                • [ – ] Rage_By_Nightfall parent reply Yeah, definitely man. I do like the art. I can't always do music though like every few days. Takes time. Sometimes it's just really hard. Eventually, I know I'm going to have to change the format or my upload schedule. I'm trying to hold off on that as long as possible though.
                  • Dragoninkmusic parent reply Oh trust me dude I get it, I was the one who originally said to ya better to take the time and produce quality content then push too hard and either burn out or be forced to sacrifice quality. Nobody can pump out high end multilayered music videos every few days without a full production crew behind them, not without something eventually giving
  • [ – ] Bodyknowledge77 reply I compose/write songs with a $179(new) guitar onto my logitech camera. Never have used Garageband(yet?) etc etc. As you alluded to its about primarily the quality of the song and the performance. There are many people who because of technology (with some talent) can put out stuff that is somewhat listenable but at the core doesn't offer that much because the song isn't there. Like a pretty lady with a bad heart..That might be the start to a song?
    • Rage_By_Nightfall parent reply Yeah, that could be a start. Yeah, a lot of musicians don't use the creativity because of what technology could easily provide for us. It's a shame.
  • [ – ] SilentGamer reply Nice :) Thank you for your tips :) I am not pro on this but I am sure this is the truth because you are really good :)
  • [ – ] frawstakwa reply Gotta do what you can with what you’ve got...
  • [ – ] frawstakwa reply I usually do finishing touches on LogicPro...
    • [ – ] Rage_By_Nightfall parent reply I mean I just haven't had a need for Logic. I do know that you can import projects from GarageBand onto there.
      • [ – ] frawstakwa parent reply I find that it has a more streamlined feel and flow than GarageBand, no glitches...
        • [ – ] Rage_By_Nightfall parent reply Yeah, I hear you. I never had an issue using GarageBand. I mean sometimes it gives me a message that says system overload but not too often. Usually with upgraded 8-16GB RAM, it takes care of most issues.
  • frawstakwa reply I make most of my music on my iPhone...
  • [ – ] frawstakwa reply GarageBand is awesome...
  • frawstakwa reply GarageBand is awesome...
  • [ – ] FXWLL reply Totally agree on the DAW front. I have been using Reason for years and because it was really limited back in the day I was forced to come up with imaginative ways to emulate sounds and sound design techniques that others could do easily. Made me a better producer. Awesome video xD
    • Rage_By_Nightfall parent reply Yeah man. Why try to use something different learning other DAW's when you could use the time on creating music or brainstorming ideas? I'm glad you enjoyed the video. I gotta do more of these studio videos.
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