5/12/2017 -- Nightly Earthquake Update + Forecast -- Central America M6.4 (part 1 of 2)

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  • dutchsinse reply Much love to everyone branching out from the youtube pit!
  • Eruiz36 reply I'll follow you anywhere!!
  • glennm72 reply Sweet so use to watching you now YouTube can get rooted
  • chrissykiwi reply thank you dutch.xx
  • GodBlessUSA reply Glad I went to your chat to find out.... I never miss your 10 o'clock report.... I'm good with VidMe
  • Vnan84 reply Love your work Dutch! <3
  • rebeccatco reply Awesome dutch!!
  • rebeccatco reply People please make sure to upvote ..same as a like!!!
  • Naturenerd1000 reply In my opinion you should keep posting videos to youtube because it is the biggest video platform where the most people will see your warnings. Your earth quake warnings save lives, as many people should see them as possible.
  • brownidlion reply So glad you finally made it here and using!
  • weldatheart reply muchlove dutch
  • [ – ] TronDog reply Thanks Dutch. I'm trying to post to all Rebecca's FB Dutchsinse pages for tonight's update, any way we can get a complete recording link to post....thanks Dutch
    • TronDog parent reply Also can people that are not on Vid.me see the link ??? Growing pains I know, and good to have.
  • D-Niecy reply Heeellllooo... I found your alternative channel...SWEEEET! BYE-BYE YouTube! I will try to catch your nightly live stream, but if I am unable, I now know where to find the video. Thank You Dutch for everything that you do and for not allowing the constant harassment to distract you anymore. Congratulations on moving onto bigger and better things. You're a Rock! Much Love. <3
  • CrystalClear reply Control, Control, glad you moved.
  • YaYa2them reply So glad to have an alternative to YouTube -- despise Google and their control. Now I can easily follow my favorites like Dutch!!!
  • klema33 reply Your followers are following! Much love Dutch.
  • AmySeongja reply Yaaaay a new platform!!!
  • kedarking reply im so glad u moved dutch sick of youtube
  • glennm72 reply Dutch are you going to load up part 2 of your nightly update
  • mc2020 reply hi good to see you here! can you please add part 2 of 2 here? i cant download from your website... ty!
  • mc2020 reply hi good to see you here! can you please add part 2 of 2 here? i cant download from your website... ty!
  • lacnic123 reply Where's part 2?
  • lacnic123 reply Good for you Dutch
  • MissErika reply This feels better 👍👍👍
  • Keith1981 reply Awesome love it Dutch
  • Regina7 reply Love this Dutchsinse!! Much Love!
  • khirschfeld reply Awesome to be watching you on Vid.me.
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