ASMR Magic Tricks (Soft speaking)

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  • [ – ] AfterAFashionASMR reply Love your voice and the sounds in this are so nice! What a creative thing to do for ASMR!
    • [ – ] Shadow_Major parent reply why thank you very much, I'm glad you liked it, it's quite a tricky category to make into ASMR (forgive the unintentional pun) but I was getting annoyed by all the numbers and math tricks that were being called "magic"
      • [ – ] AfterAFashionASMR parent reply I can imagine it would take a good deal of effort, but I think it was very worthwhile! I have been a member of the ASMR community for several years now and have never really seen anything like this. You are a very skilled magician from what I have seen here - I think these are wonderful and I hope that you do even more ASMR in the future :)
        • [ – ] Shadow_Major parent reply Thank you very much for that :) that means a lot to hear! I have one more for now, then I'll have to sit down and make some new tricks up that can work in this format, that's the kicker for me. But I shall put some extra thought into it now :0
          • [ – ] AfterAFashionASMR parent reply No Pressure hahaha :) But you definitely should! I think these videos would do well on YouTube if you kept making more of them - especially if you did some in a role play format. It can be kind of weird if youve never done a RP before lol but I think people would enjoy it a lot.
            • Shadow_Major parent reply possibly, I would probably have to make a dedicated channel for something like that though, because i'd get ripped by my current audience for that XD haha
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