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  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Wow! I didn't know you could order live insects as pets. Here in Hawaii we have plenty of cockroaches - giant ones and smaller ones that fly, for free. We also have giant centipedes, giant spiders, scorpions and many others. I like the geckos best. We have lots of those too. They come and go from the house. They like to chase each other for fun. Great video. Thanks for sharing!
  • [ – ] mintteamew reply Oh my gosh! I love Loki's reaction to your new lil friends at the end. Very very cute. Glad to see that Cape Cod Roaches is the type to send two of each kind, very considerate :D
    • [ – ] SaraStarshine parent reply I was surprised! I was really worried about losing track of tiny bugs so I'm glad half of them are easy to spot. :D (if you listen carefully, you can hear Loki meow when I'm messing with that first tiny one lol)
  • [ – ] AvinashAshok reply Awesome video Bro you have some really great content saw your comment on dan crivelli's channel yo it awesome and I followed you! Keep it up and hope ou can check out my videos and sub if you wish
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