HOW I STOPPED SHOPPING | Minimalism Tips To Stop Spending $$

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  • [ – ] amandanalex reply I've never heard that tip about keeping a list about what you DO have! That's a great idea!! Great video, glad I stumbled on here 😄
  • AvinashAshok reply yo your tips and style is actually bomb im lovin it! I am new on Vidme keep up the awesome work! I subbed to your channel and i will stay active for sure i also gave you a following i look forward to you upcoming videos! Hope you can check out my videos and we make similar content i am going to be uploading vlogs soon! if you like the sound of it give me a following or sub or whatever! looking forward to your reply!
  • [ – ] Cotoism reply You don't have to go minimalist to gain control of your spending. You have to form and maintain a budget and keep your spending below your income. You have to factor in EVERY expense. The reason so many have such a hard time is because of the science of advertising. Advertisers know all the dirty little tricks to get you to part with your money. They have no issue using any and all tricks they can. Your job is to maintain your budget and preferably put some money back for unexpected expenses and "a rainy day". Budgeting is really simple. Find out all of your monthly expenses that never change or rarely change, such as utilities, rent, fuel, and so forth. If the cost fluctuates, estimate high. If the cost is fixed (like rent), note the exact amount. For the purpose of budgeting, your income is what you bring home after taxes. That's how much you have to spend. Immediately factor in a percentage to go towards savings and charity. Then factor in the monthly expenses that are always there ...moreand you have to pay (rent, lights, water, sewage, phone, and so forth). Factor in long-term fixed expenses (like car registration and taxes, property taxes, and other yearly expenses). Then factor in for food and groceries (including any pets you may have). What's left is "free money". Most people will find their free money is very little. To increase it, you have two choices: reduce expenses in other areas of life, or increase your income. Using credit isn't an option. If you spend more than you bring home, you will grow debt. If you spend less than you bring home, you have the opportunity to build savings. If you're young, factor in retirement and remember inflation. Saving for retirement over 30-40 years is a LOT easier than trying to over ten years. It might be a wise investment to hire a competent retirement investor to keep your retirement savings increasing at least enough to match inflation.
    • [ – ] Cotoism parent reply I forgot to add, the best way to stop yourself from buying needless stuff is to wait. If you want to buy something that isn't absolutely needed right now, wait a week or two. More than likely, after that week or two, you will no longer want it or will want it less.
      • Dalindcy parent reply I actually touched on a lot of these tips/points in the video ;) But thanks for sharing what works for you!
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