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  • rushpower6575 reply Great vid man
  • Fenrox_ reply Holy smoke, finally a video worth watching in vid.me's "trending" section.
  • The_Mancave reply Haha I touched on Frieza's power jump also in my video. Hahaha check it out.
  • Ghawk reply I don't get how fans of this series can like a series that is just one million punches is a miss, but one punch is a kill.
  • BlackbirdFrost reply About summoning Shenron when trying to find out how to summon a super saiyan god...he didn't technically grant any wishes at all. They just spoke with him and he told them the legend. Usually when he grant's a wish there's a fancy light show, he gives off some energy, and he tells them the wish has been granted. In this case, he just speaks with them. None of that flashy stuff. Sooo...you could argue no wishes were granted at all at that time. Freeza's difference in power...ki control. Whis mentioned the whole basis to Super Saiyan Blue was the ability to perfectly control one's ki. Goku and Vegeta didn't become Super Saiyan Blue through sheer physical training alone, it was by learning to control their ki perfectly and maintain that control. Freeza basically did the same thing, but without the addition of physically training his body. Being the most naturally powerful non-god being in the universe, I don't think it's that far fetched.
  • EplxPro reply i must not be that dedicated to Dragon ball
  • SPECTREStudio reply Welcome to Vidme, MasakoX.
  • LeftHeadGrave reply Eh, Vegeta is probably just hovering a bit to make himself look taller. It's the saiyan equivalent of platform shoes. But yeah, seriously to Hifl on the screwing over Gohan and Freiza's power levels. It really just felt more lazy than anything else. Heck, even if they just showed Cell beating the bajeebus out of Frieza for years in Hifl I could have bought it. As for Gohan... That's just ridiculous.
  • PridefulWarri0r reply Love your content Masako!
  • The_Mancave reply #4 - Beerus lol
  • The_Mancave reply Agreed - Shenron didn't do and Granting so no energy spent- so he could come back. But yeah- Shenron the character is just a plot twist or chuckles. Lol
  • The_Mancave reply Krillins Height - Since we dont see their feet, it could be depth perception and angle?
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