What You MUST Know Before Buying A Computer

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  • gorkhaymomo reply very good advice
  • [ – ] JordanBurkhardt reply How do I bookmark videos on vid.me? Theres no way I will remember all this info next time I buy a computer.
    • theoldsparrow parent reply If you don't want to use a browser bookmark you can go to just under the video and click on more on the far right, the menu will drop down, and then you can add the video you are watching to an album to look at later.
  • Calibri_Funtimes reply This is super helpful!! Quality video, dude! I appreciate your coverage on both store-sold computers and custom built computers. Really well done!
  • MyInnerSim reply Thank you, this video was very helpful :)
  • Gamer_Catalyst reply Awesome ♡♡
  • [ – ] BestBroPlayerGamingChannel reply Those two white dots in your both eye, make it look like I'm stared back by two afro-american vidizens. Good video nevertheless.
  • theoldsparrow reply Great video. It's nice to refresh on the things you need to build a computer considering hardware changes over time. Have you done a video on M.2?
  • meisterwald reply Why would you need 1000mbit/s ????
  • alexdisibio reply I just found out about vid.me and was pleasantly greeted with ThioJoe's channel, so I'm liking it so far.
  • FireRam reply Some really good info there @ThioJoe even for experienced builders like myself!
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