Media Wars: Who is The Real Donald Trump?

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  • socialschism22 reply It's hard to criticize Trump honestly when he is bombarded with lies from MSM that have to be explained away over and over. I appreciate the piece as he does deserve criticism, fair criticism.
  • Partially_Evil reply As I've said to all the butthurt Trump fanboys getting mad about this, if your worldview of Trump is so rigid and sacred that this one little video can give you such a knee-jerk reaction, your worldview was very tunnel-visioned anyway and not worth protecting in your safe-space. This wasn't enough to make me hate Trump, especially considering what the Reptile-Queen was offering as the future of the West.
  • d74g0n reply I relate to trumps method of communication; if you pushed me on if I ever met Hitler I would say "I don't think I ever have" to account for the fact that he could have been alive and in my proximity without me knowing... and i want to tell the 'most truth' by saying "I don't think so, but I am fallible to that which I did not perceive". But thanks for bringing these to the surface cause I do want to have seen every bit of data out there related.
  • Vendetta2_O reply If Trump has relationship with Putin, it means one thing.... Bring Down the NEW WORLD ORDER, and that I SUPPORT...
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