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  • [ – ] RetroBit reply CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! (We're going to be a little late with this one, but it will come to be!). Yes! Yes we do listen here on vidme! ;D I'm not even in the UK and even I know what you're talking about in the new Top Gear. haha. Mortimer and Commander Holly are AWESOME! :D If you ever have any questions, or are curious about how we do anything over on our channel always feel free to DM :-) We work on garbage equipment and have a lot of tricks! Hahah.
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply Aw!! Thank you for thinking of me! I FEEL SO LOVED!! Challenge totally 100% accepted! Also, I personally don't think you need to make two channels. There's no reason why Galaxy Gaming can't also have "Facts on____" video series. It sounds like you'd be spreading yourself too thin. One thing at a time! Variety can be a great thing!
    • GalaxyGaming parent reply your welcome haha :) yeah i think your right, two channels to update as well as my youtube channel would be quite difficult to manage and time consuming.
  • Wolfer reply I have the same issue with lighting glare on my glasses...hate that shit!
  • [ – ] Wolfer reply Thanks for doing my challenge! You're awesome! ^_^
  • GalaxyGaming reply @Wolfer thanks for the challenge :) I tag @Eilytres @MFKraven @Calibri_Funtimes @BKAOkami @RetroBitGaming
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