Former ‘Antifa’ Speaks Out

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  • [ – ] louiethepitt reply I once consider my self a Marxist...back when I was 14 or 16 and had no Job, goals etc.... but then I Mature and Grew up and left silly shit behind.
    • [ – ] TheTrue parent reply Same here, except I was an anarchist. Growing up, life experiences, and having kids can really change your outlook.
      • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez parent reply I was never an anarchist but as a libertarian i think a constitutional govt is absolutely fine and a good thing. it's when it starts overreaching the constitution that we have problems. I think too much intervention and nanny state stifles real progress. im but a man with an opinion... not saying im right
        • TheTrue parent reply When I was younger I was an anarchist, believing that the system was too far gone in it's corruption to be salvaged and should therefore be burned to the ground along with any and all power systems that sought to control the people. This was youthful angst and rage misplaced, nothing more. Learning more about our system and where it went wrong, learning that anarchy cannot hold long before becoming just another power system, and remembering what I held as a true and just society led me into the libertarian ideology. Nonintervention, freedom, fairness in justice from high to low, and strength in families as well as community. These ideals are what I want in my country. Of the people, by the people, for the people, that whole American way that we seem to have lost a long way back.
  • mattytripps reply I use to be a communist back when i was going to the government funded indoctrination centers but when i graduated i started reading books and undid all the damage done to me.
  • [ – ] hmckay reply Fantastic video and I really thought the way you engaged the caller was both intellectually stimulating and emotionally honest.
    • Garpikemike parent reply Agreed...this guy is fascinating. Hes extremely smart, well spoken, informed and almost poetic in his words. I believe he also happens to be Canadian like me so perhaps Im biased. Lol
  • MickiDaWop reply This is Molyneux's most riveting interview to date. So pleased that the caller asked his question at the end, and that Stefan gave that particular response, because through most of this I kept saying to myself,"This guy should write a book about this." Just excellent!
  • [ – ] GeorgeEnglish reply There are agents that have infiltrated antifa. All that masking up is hopeless. You are known.
  • XhoXhuXhamen reply I've never had a use for communists or communism because I have a BRAIN!
  • mattytripps reply This is by far the best guest that you've ever had on your show
  • not--p reply Not enough people will hear this conversation.
  • GlobalizationInQuestion reply They are going to call me a nazi on the internet... well welcome to the pack dude.. I switched after 2002 finally lft all leftist behind 2005 when I gave up trying to do anything in politics
  • [ – ] Saokeh reply This is why the younger generation are indoctrinated in the academic world. When you grow up in the workforce and see people don't see race and youre just trying to get by. They tend to be more conservative with views.
    • VybeyPantelonez parent reply Totally agree. Ive said this many times... its the lefties that dont have real jobs or care about their jobs who think race is a thing. There are always some racists but the overwhelming majority of people and ESP employers dont give a damn whether you black white pink or other... they just care if you add value to the company
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Hollywood and pulp culture are full of Communist culture, The Beatles imagine there are NO countries, NO Religion, Noting to kill or Die for or NO possessions. These songs are propaganda as the Beatles didn't give away their Billions!!!!!. The Native Americans moved from site to site and followed the Buffalo, all they had was what they could carry. So essentially they had noting, but they still had war where they killed and died. NO boarders they fought over territory. Even too this day, there are outstanding land claims. Why if they want NO Boarders, which different tribes claimed ownership of. If there is NO ownership of the land they don't have any treaty right and with that thinking either do you. YOU DON"""""""T OWN YOUR CHILDREN Just imagine selling that 30 years ago. It is the new sales pitch of the Propaganda machine. They can force vaccinate your children, etc. The Propaganda calls it the herd immunity, The terminology used makes you just another number with NO RIGHTS.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply ANTIFA time is coming to an end as the Democrats are calling them domestic terrorist. Nancy Pelosi has called for their arrest, as it has become apparent to most Americans that ANTIFA isn't peaceful, so the Democrats know they can't defend a gang of thugs as the people know the truth so they are now also calling for the police to arrest and put ANTIFA into prison. CNN and MSNBC are calling then violent agitators on the far left. Pelosi condemns ‘violent actions’ of antifa protesters utm_term=.dcbf6852beb4
  • VybeyPantelonez reply "the cocain didnt help" ..... ya think?
  • GlobalizationInQuestion reply Stfan you are wrong; addiction is partly genetic, partly also fleeing, this is not excluse, IQ is processing speed of information.. but you can still make terrible choices based on it even if you can contain more information and you can process it; especially since society doesnt really value to much about excellence anymore I can see how intelligent people go that route; however I do doubt 160.. but whatever right thats not the point
  • DarkQuark reply There is an instant and permanent cure for Marxist thought. Bills...
  • Plant_Boy reply Maybe we should put all the extremists in a field and tell them to go crazy on each other until they've had enough. They want a fight, they can have a fight. Just not in civilization.
  • BoogieFabulous reply One of Molyneux's BEST VIDEOS, and INTERVIEWS.
  • celticflame reply Wow,fascinating to say the least! You would be surprised just how many highly intelligent people get in over their heads, as I've seen it close up. Especially back in the 80's when it was so looked down on,trying to be cool. Always good to see and understand bith sides if the coin and is even more impressive when ine has turned their whole way of life around. Would like to be appraised if his future endeavors if he does write a book. Don't want to see this country ripped to shreads,Nor the pure hell All Of Humanity will be put through and or die because if it.
  • GlobalizationInQuestion reply newspeak :) great.. redecorating
  • GlobalizationInQuestion reply I have a thought; Up the voting age to 25 least
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