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  • [ – ] acce245 reply This fellow must not have a mirror in his house, because he seems to lack every bit of self-awareness. Nice video
  • [ – ] manicidiot reply A pretty standard response to anything Donald Trump. The entire video was a biased opinion based upon previous views. "He's not known for..." What people are known for these days may not be what they are about. Everything can be spun and whoever has the best spin, that becomes the truth. He's known for being a abusing women based on a statement where no one cares about the context. If it weren't for all the bullshit being said about Trump, I'd have more time to actually criticize what he does versus what everyone says he does. Good, but rather frustrating video to watch, TFP.
  • [ – ] BrokenHeartedLiberal reply I think using the "Nazis of the 30's" definition is wrong. Most people will understand that you mean Neo-Nazis.
    • [ – ] BrokenHeartedLiberal parent reply Clarification: I don't think they're Nazis but I feel like it's nit-picking if you hold people to the 30's definition.
      • TheFinerPrint parent reply I'm sorry, but with all the imagery they've been using (indiana Jones, captain America) it's pretty plain and simple to see which definition they are railing against.
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