VIDME GOONS PODCAST EP. 1 ► Feat. ( HdChaotic, LegendGary323, ShakeofMilk )

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  • ChaoticGaming reply @JeremyG Hell freaking YEA!!!
  • LegendGary323 reply Ahhh yeahh, you did a good job with the editing!
  • [ – ] JennyFedora reply @HdChaotic @LegendGary323 @ShakeOfMilk @DookisWatching Playing the new Doom is like playing Halo 4 or 5 with a different skin
    • LegendGary323 parent reply I can see why you say that, since Doom guy now looks like he has a master chief suit and the multiplayer kinda plays like halo a little but the single player nothing like halo imo.
  • JennyFedora reply @DookisWatching Lol, you should have all gone with "Avoiding the border"
  • jpakuma87 reply Holy shit look at you dookie, moving on up to a big dog on Vidme eh?
  • HeZoKo reply ayy nice vid!!
  • jhk reply Weekly!
  • ninhuntress007 reply I fucken love this! Please keep this up, because I do listen to podcasts and I find this amazing and you guys are hilarious! Lmao avoiding the border xD Also dook don't say you have like a shitty intro, you dont. You really don't. The fact that you just "go for it" makes it great because I really do love it. Also music is chill asf, you always choose the right music and also those skits with zeb 😂😂😂 And yes don't shut it down! Because the work you did was funny asf and great content.
  • Nalloc reply i like the chilled music you use :3
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