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  • Emtei reply This movie's been getting a lot of flack, and I think your points are a big reason why, though others who don't understand the way films are made can't put it in to words. Really well done breakdown!
  • MariaTheGerman reply I really really enjoyed this film because to me it was just purely about human reactions it was very pure to me in that sense. I actually really want to explain to you why I liked it but I can't as don't really want to give stuff away in case people do want to watch it and maybe have decided not to finish your video before hahahaha I do like your idea though as well!! haha
  • Rhori reply I haven't seen it and now probably won't because of your points. I think you are right, it would have been a better movie your way.
  • Fandomlife reply I've not seen it. Surely it doesn't make him less of a scum bug it's just that you didn't know he was a scumbag until further in the film ?
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