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  • NoMoreInGreedWeTrust reply Don't forget about the movie They Live!! That's another amazing heavy hitter of a film... Ahh I'm glad I found you... I just started uploading my older videos on Vid.Me. I'm a truth seeker like you, and I am aware of quite a lot about this! Flat Earth, I'm not quite there yet. I honestly haven't made it that far yet. I'm still on my way to getting a full grasp on gematria. Its origins as to when it was first used in Freemasonry. There's just so much to dig at. The rabbit hole goes on, and on, and on... Followed! You'll find my YouTube channel through mine on this site. I figured I may as well start moving at least all the most important videos I have already done. Those first.
  • Unchained reply Awesome! Happy to connect! God Bless!
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