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  • [ – ] Freighttrain reply dude my friend did a speech on this is lit and comp, really nice video though, and congrats on the recent "1 month" video popularity!
  • [ – ] LVLWON reply Then there's all that junk that made it's way onto Steam in the last year or two. No effort, no originality, all stolen or stock assets, just some half-baked "games" hoping to scam a couple suckers. I can't even consider those indie games, or really games at all. The indie scene is great, but as with anything else in the industry there's a fair of generic clones, unfinished/abandoned titles, etc.
    • Soops parent reply I can name a handful of indie titles that have been abandoned. It really sucks for the people that spent time and money on those games because they expected something good out of it. Steam really needs to look into their refund policies with Early Access/Indie Games.
  • Wulfe reply My opinion is that indie games are less focused on money and more on the story/content! Series like COD and AC have just sucked the money of it.
  • [ – ] Exometrium reply naisu video boi
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